So it’s my birthday and my friend came over this morning and brought me cookies, coffee, and then she proceeded to make me strawberry coconut pancakes.

I’m starting my birthday off right :3

Oh, and then I blasted Taylor Swift 22 on repeat because what other song are you going to listen to on your 22nd birthday?!

So I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and when I woke up from the anesthesia, I apparently complimented every man, woman, and child in the office— Telling them they they were either beautiful, smart, intelligent, bright, or wonderful.

Now I don’t actually remember doing any of this because I was still extremely sedated, but apparently I was so coherent and articulate (even with gauze in my mouth) that I had a ten minute conversation with the nurse about her relationship and how her boyfriend is the one for her because he treats her so well. I then gave an analogy that explained that your perfect mate can be broken down into a triangle in the respect that you have humor, intelligence, and emotional stability, but in most relationships you have to pick two of those, but occasionally you’ll find someone who has all three and that’s how you know they’re worth it. At the end of this conversation she was crying and I gave her a hug and now we are friends on Facebook. 

The only reason I know this happened is because my friend Nia, who was in the room, recoded the entire thing on her phone… 

Long story short, apparently Im really nice when im sedated.